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Iím trying to work out what Iím missing here

I have just added a WS4945 Wireless Door/Window Sensor, but itís not Working, itís not showing any status changes. Here is what I have done so far....

I have added it as new Zone (08)
I have assigned the Zone an 8 for a wireless attribute
I have successfully entered the code to register the sensor
I have assigned the new Zone to Partition 1

I can see it listed as a zone but when I trip it, I would expect to see the zone status change but it does not - it just stays as closed (I have a PTK5507 keypad)

I decided to test it via section 904 and the performance/range of the wireless sensor is fine and if it trip it it sees it and everything has come back as the range being  ĎGoodí

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions as to why the new door/window sensor is not showing anything itís not even showing. a Zone Tamper is I remove the case to it ?


I was looking at the following external siren - and noticed that it flashes to show that there is constant power.

Fully integrated sounder/strobe
Twin LED Status Indication:
Two internal LEDs, one to identify that power is being supplied, and one to indicate tamper status. LEDís can also be set to alternate for eye-catching status confirmation.

Now I like that idea, but from what I can tell the siren on a PC1864 only outputs power once it is invoked ? So to power this would I need another power module e.g a PC5204 or PC5200 ?


I have a siren connected to my PC5204 module - and I can confirm it goes off when in alarm mode.

However what it does not do is beep during the exit or entry delay countdown ?

I have checked sections 014 and 015 and all seem to be set correctly with bell output enabled  - hence I'm confused what's wrong - am maybe missing something ?


I know what you're going to say, it can't change by itself but for some reason the Master Code to my panel = '1234'  is now showing up as invalid?

I have racked my brain as I'm sure I have not changed it, all that I have done recently was to add my first two User codes ?

Could that have done something ?

The installer code is still the default of '5555' and I could have sworn I left the master code 'entry 40' as default too.  Both new user codes work fine to disarm the alarm, and of course the installer code is still ok. It's just the Master Code that is no longer being accepted.

Any ideas?

I'm slightly confused by the PC5108 installation manual.

In  the main diagram it talks about running the Tamper terminal to an available COM somewhere (where ? And why not to a COM on the expansion board itself?

And then in the specific TAM section itself, it talks about putting TAM into the BLK terminal if not used  ?

Do I assume both are correct ?



I haven installed a pC5204 board, joined that to the main panel and connected a keypad to it too. All of which looks good, but I have some expected gen sys errors, one which I think relates to the supervision of O1.

I had tried to put a siren in to negate that - but the siren seems to make a strange low pitched crackling noise - which make me wonder if due to it being supervised - do I need a 1kw resister installed there too.

I assumed the siren would be all I would need to address that error, but wanted to check if a 1kw  resistor was mandatory too?


I've been reading up on how you would use PGM and their config/set up via the panel seems feels like something I can grasp , but where I get lost is the types of relays you should buy that the two wires from the PGM and Aux+  would need to go into? And what they could connect onto..

I hear people are using them for garage doors, or to invoke additional sirens or stobe lighting etc. I'm just not getting the mechanics ?  For example to turn on a mains powered light that needs 230v from a 12 v Relay must require a special type of converter ?

Does anyone have any idiot proof examples, ideally with photos /products, part numbers etc. That I can help learn from ?


What are the golden rules about powering down when you need to work on a DSC PowerSeries (in my case a PC1864) panel ?

Should you disconnect from the mains and remove the battery every time you want to add a wired zone ?

It looks like the suggestion is that for keybus items you should fully powers down, but what about other activities ?

Adding a powered PIR or just a passive door contact ? Can you wire them in directly with everything still powered on (using an appropriate electrical screw driver) ?

What about connect DSL 5 serial cable to the board ? Do I power off completely ?
How about adding / removing a battery ? (I've seen contradictory information)

Also - As I have a PC5204 board too, should I power that down at the same time as the main panel ? I left it on once when turning off the panel and its attached keyboard then returned a keybus failure/error..

Currently i'm powering down completely every time I need to make any wiring / hardware / sensor change (other than wireless devices) - I'm ok doing that, just curious if that is over-kill for everything.

Any advice (rule or thumb) from the pros would be appreciated  ?


When planning for the alarm system -  I tried to run cable to all the places I thought I would need it - but it turns out that I'm too short on one of the runs to connect a PC5204 to my PC1864.

Is it a simple case so just joining two cables together to extend the run ?
If so is there a specific method anyone recommends?


I had manage to pick up a couple of PTK5507 keypads from eBay but after plugging one into a fresh/brand new PC1864 panel - I could see that the Zone labels are still set up for,he previous owner.

Does anyone know a way to clear / reset a PTK5507


I'm stuck, I have installed a RF5132-433 wireless module and I'm now trying to add some WLS935L door/window sensors, but 2 completed and they both show a Zone Tamper error ?

The devices are registered, and their zone (1 & 2) is set to wireless - plus the RF5132-433 is showing (via its green LED) that communication is taking place successfully  -'however the keypad (PTK5507) continues to shows them all as having a 'zone Tamper'error.

I have checked the two tampers on the sensor itself and both are pressed in and I have also performed a Module Placement Test Ė Program Section [904] - and the response was 'Good'

Any idea what I am missing?


To help me to test out various alarm scenarios , rather than have the siren go off all the time, please could someone suggest a quieter (12v) option I could use ?

Many thanks


Thinking about all the wires that might need to go into Aux+ etc and the keybus, what do people do to keep things neat and not overload the terminals on the panel?

I found these "Terminal Expanders' onlind ( which allow you to connect two wires to the panel, but then have 6 others wires to share it each one benefiting from having dedicated a terminal.

Sadly they seem to be US only, hence I'm curious what others might be using?


Would someone be able to confirm something to me.

I've been speaking to the UK Distributor for DSC and they tell me that the only PowerSeries they can provide (for PC8164)  is v4.15 ?

Now - I have repeatedly pushed back to ask them to double check if they mean 4.5 - as I cannot see that specific version mentioned anywhere - but they are insistentant that it's 4.15 (and that's what DSC tell them they will manufacture and ship to them)

Is there such a version?


Adding all my devices/keypads power requirements up, It's likely I'm going to exceed the 500ma Aux+ output limit on my planned PC1864 design. (This is due to keybus requirements around having 2 to 3 LED panels, an IT-100 and a wireless add-ons PC5132-433 etc)

Looking at the options, the suggestion seems to be that you add a specific DSC board e.g a PC5200 to give you an extra 1 Amp (@ 12v) to play with

Now for my question:)

While I appreciate that the 5200 would provide a fully supervised/resilient setup, and it would allow me to create another power point in the house.  But...  I'm curious for home use is it overkill ?

Why can't you just power the extra items from an off the shelf standard/separate 12v mains power supply?   Such as one like this?

The green and yellow keybus data cables would still go to the main panel, allowing
The red ( 12v) & black ( GND ) to come from the power adapter above?

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