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Hi everyone,

I am trying to find a version of DL900 which works with NX-595e communicator.

The DLX900 software available in the interlogix.xom site is notworking erroring with sth like "you module is not in the list of compatible software"

THere is a post in this forum, which mentions that only DL900 later than v.4.2. works with NX-595e

Does anybody have an idea where I can download this software? As I understand it is a free software

Kind Regards,

Hi all,

I have the international versions of NX-8E and NX-595e but while email notification and UltraConnect app connectivity works, the following seem to fail:

1. push notifications on UltraConnect when an alarm condition is met
2. no voice calls when alarm conditions are met
3. no voice message when NX-595e answers an incoming phone call

Anybody with this setup able to help?

Kind Regards,

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