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Light [3] - General System Trouble. This trouble will be present if the PC5204 Power Supply module has an AUX
failure, PC5204 Output #1 Trouble, or a printer connected to the PC5400 Printer module has a fault (off-line).

If Output #1 is unused: Ensure that terminals O1, AUX are jumpered with 1K resistor (Brown, Black, Red)
If Output #1 is used: Disconnect wire leads from O1, AUX terminals, measure the resistance of the wire leads - Open circuit indicates a break in the wiring

Verify voltage measured across AC input terminals is 16-18VAC.
Disconnect all connections to PC5204 AUX terminal. - Verify AUX voltage is 13.70 - 13.80 VDC.

You will need to go to the keypad and press *2 to get into view trouble conditions.

Report back to us what the troubled condition is and we can go from there.

What do you mean "not a PC link"?

Chances are your issues is 5108 v2.0 does not list 5010 as a compatible panel.  You either need to find a v1.0 expander, or upgrade to an 1832.

Short answer is that it will require service with an alarm company who uses Connect 24, DSC's 3rd party cellular routing company.  If you're looking at self-monitoring, you'd need to upgrade to PC1616/1832/1864 and incorporate an Envisalink module tied to your internet.

For pulling a switch out all the way potentially breaking the splice, I would try disconnected one of the leads at the panel. If this circuit opens the you'll need to carefully fish the splice out of the hole in the door frame. It is either a fused contact or compression of the door frame on the switch. The hole may need to be slightly enlarged.

Try taking it down to the basics of just the panel, one keypad and the TL260 and see if you can obtain a full transfer both ways.

Well... that's a loaded question.

You're asking a question that poses an issue of liability.  We can't tell you how to react to an intrusion alarm anymore than a fire alarm.  It is YOUR choice on how to respond.  There are WAY to many variables in play.

Ultimately it is up to YOU to formulate a plan for any given situation.

The audible entrance delay will allow you to disarm and correct the issue prior to the siren triggering.  If it arms correctly without the Exit Fault triggering, then the system will arm as desired.

Audible Exit Fault is primarily designed for someone who took a bit too long to exit such as forgetting your keys or your cell phone and run back to grab it without disarming and rearming.

Since you only have nine zones programmed, I'd leave Bit 8 off in 109 - 116 since there is no transmitter.  Likewise in 203 just turn Bit 1 on and leave 2 - 7 off.

This way if you're scrolling through the zones later, you won't see "Zone 10, Zone 11, Zone 12, etc."  After zone 9, it will got back to zone 1.

No.  You are limited to 32 zones. Keypad zones have a specific zone assigned to it.

Not really.  You have to consider their overhead.  They are retailers like any other business.   They need to make  profit and living too, as do their employees.

Go into any restaurant and demand them to serve you at cost.  Or buy gas from a gas station at cost.

They have the knowledge, training, experience,  tools and insurance.

You can either save money and do it yourself,  or pay a professional.

Other than keyfobs, all transmitters need to have the zone definition programmed, partition assigned and Bit 8 turned on in 1xx where xx = the zone number.

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