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Has anyone been able to get Junav's solution working on a Synology Diskstation?  I see I can install Apache and PHP on Synology.  How would I get the SSMTP setup?


We are a UK based company and own one of the PowerManage servers.  We have a dedicated IP address for this and currently charge a small annual connection fee, which allows users to control and self-monitor their system.


Hello Sapphal, I think the users of this forum (myself included) would appreciate a little more information about your company, and what exactly is a "small annual connection fee"?

Which Visonic email addresses should we be sending our complaints to?

I also received the email today, and I'm rather pissed with Visonic.  Just to confirm this means all email and cellular notifications will not work in 60 days??

Any chance someone would be able to figure out a work around using a private email server?  As talked about here:,30655.15.html

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