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Ah that's it - I was looking at the wrong manual!

It looks like it cannot be zone specific, but that's OK it's still a great improvement.

Thank you to everyone!

I tried to find reference to "076" in the manual but couldn't. Do you know what that functoin is called?


PK5500 Keypad

I have 2 zones programmed as 26: 24 hr non-alarm.

Right now the only way for me to know if these zones are open is to use the keypad buttons and go through the menu. Is it possible to have these automatically show up on the display when they are open so I will know at a glance when I set my alarm every night?



I would install one or more water bugs that will trip that PGM when they activate to stop the water supply.

I've thought about trying to "build" a shutoff device that will pull the ball valve closed via a spring if it gets voltage.   Elk Products, however, makes a voltage-operated shutoff valve exactly for this purpose.
This is exactly what I would like to do. What "bugs" do you recommend for PC1832 set up as NC with EOL?  Preferably hard wired with low current draw as I'd install at least 6 of them.

I'm thinking of building a shut-off device myself using use a motor and a large handle on the valve to get the torque. Your spring idea is interesting, maybe using a solenoid to "release" the spring. Or maybe I can use a weight and gravity to move the handle.  Many options rather than spending hundreds on an off the shelf device.

My PC1832 is set up as NC with EOL.

I understand the 5600 series of heat detectors act like simple NO contacts. Am I able to use this with my system? If so, what do I do with the EOL and what Zone Type would be best?


Awesome! Thank you very much for clearing that up!


On the manual panel, are the AUX + and Red + connected so it doesn't technically make a difference which is used to draw power?  So it's 700mA total regardless of which terminal is used?

If the Red + terminal and the AUX + terminal are separate circuits, and the 1A rating is for the AUX + terminal, then what is the rating for the Red + terminal?

I always thought the AUX + and Red + were connected (same circuit) and just offered for convenience.

I understand everything you said, except where it seems like you divide keypads between the power supply (non-essential) and the panel (essential).
How do you separate them when the R/B/Y/G wires are interconnected between the power supply and panel? Even if the PS goes down the keypads are still wired to the panel.

What am I'm missing?

Thanks, it looks like either of those will work. However I looked at their specs and am unclear:

a) They are rated for 1A, is this in addition to the 700mA already available on the board? Or am I simply getting a 300mA addition?
b) Am I correct that the bell circuit is separate and in addition to the 700mA of the board?
c) Do I need it to be supervised if I'm using it only to power 4 keypads? I imagine if 1 or all of them go offline the main board will notice, or at least I will when I walk up to it.

Edit: All this time I thought the board was 750mA max... but I checked the specs again and it's 700mA!

I've added up the published current draw on components connected and I'm well over 600mA, with plans to add more.

What are my options to increase the current capacity as I believe the maximum allowed on my board is 700mA?

Also, what happens if 700mA is exceeded - does it do irreversible damage, or simply trip a breaker temporarily?


I wasn't aware of *4. That sounds like a likely culprit.

Thank you.

PC1832 V4.60

All of a sudden, coming home from work yesterday I noticed the Door Chime sounds whenever a contact is opened.

What would cause this feature to activate itself?  I have not noticed any other anomalies but am concerned if it starts acting up.

I installed the system last year and have disabled this feature from day 1. Last time I entered the system was about 2 months ago. There have not been any power outages recently.


OK I'll test it.
I have a full English keypad but never noticed that message. Then again I usually don't hang around it until the delay timer ends.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you for explaining that. If they're worth anything I'll try to sell or trade them for Powerseries stuff.

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