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Humm, it looks like it was the zone type (coupled my inability to count upto 8 as I went up through the numbers Ď doh !

Thanks @AlarmMike :)

Hi @AlarmMike

Thanks for responding.

I have set the zone type on this zone (zone 8) as  [05] Internal Stay/Away

Whatís crazy is if I select it (zone 8) via section 904 and trip it, it reports the signal as good, which suggests itís seeing it ok. So Iím lost why outside of that any trips (or zone tampers) are not showing up on the keypad.

One thing I have not tried is a full reboot of the panel, as due to its location itís not easy to get to..


Iím trying to work out what Iím missing here

I have just added a WS4945 Wireless Door/Window Sensor, but itís not Working, itís not showing any status changes. Here is what I have done so far....

I have added it as new Zone (08)
I have assigned the Zone an 8 for a wireless attribute
I have successfully entered the code to register the sensor
I have assigned the new Zone to Partition 1

I can see it listed as a zone but when I trip it, I would expect to see the zone status change but it does not - it just stays as closed (I have a PTK5507 keypad)

I decided to test it via section 904 and the performance/range of the wireless sensor is fine and if it trip it it sees it and everything has come back as the range being  ĎGoodí

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions as to why the new door/window sensor is not showing anything itís not even showing. a Zone Tamper is I remove the case to it ?

Thanks again for everyone's help on this.

To help me close this thread out , lets say I'm going to add a 12v Siren, something like this (


Siren+  -->   Aux +
Siren -  -->   PGM 1
Is a resistor needed too ?

Then to program the PGM output I would..

*8      -- Enter installer mode
5555  -- Enter installer password
009    -- Enter PGM option section
07      -- Keyboard Buzzer Follow.

.. doesn't that mean power is always being delivered to the target device via the Aux +?

I think I might be able to  answer my own question now, i think the PGM only acts as (switches to) negative (and therefore allows the power circuit the circuit) once it's invoked? So while the target device might have Aux + 12v being fed into it, it's useless without a negative to complete the circuit ?

My confusion is that I had been thinking things like 'ground', 'earth' and 'negative' were different things when they are all the same. So a PGM switched to earth is the same as enabling a connection to a negative ? 

The elk relay manual has a few helpful examples of connections with the panel using both Ground and negative - (Earth?)  and alarm negative..

Has the penny dropped :) - have it grasped it now ?

Huge thanks for sharing that,

As I understood it, the PGM switches to ground when triggered and perhaps that's the bit I'm confused about/missing.

Because to use a PGM you connect the Aux + from the panel to the target device's positive ( + ) and then the PGM itself goes to the target decices negative (-)

But doesn't that mean power is always being delivered to the target device via the Aux +?

How would the wiring change if you wanted to control a 12v device via a PGM output such as one of these 12 volt door locks (300ma so suitable for PGM 2) ?

Thanks for that @ Magnum Alert

That type of SAB bell then (wired as designed) would theoretically sound off during any maintenance work on the panel (I.e as the power has to be switched off to add/replace/upgrade a new module etc.)

I had it in my head that I would be able to find a simple external alarm box (with built in siren and strobes) . One that only requires  4 wires. 

2 for the siren (bell + and bell - ) that's triggered by the panel when in alarm state ) and the other 2 for the strobe LED (or just LEDs that show people the box is actually powered (rather than just a dummy one)

Does something like that exist ?

Thanks All,.

If it helps I opened a ticket with the reseller of the unit to understand how the terminals on the siren should be used with other panels  - and they've just come back to me with this.

...the meaning of the terminals for the Reson8 sounder is the following:

RTN-              =  Tamper retuirn
HOLD OFF+    =  the 0V terminal
HOLD OFF -    =  the 12V terminal
TRIG-            =  Bell trigger
STB-              =  Strobe trigger

Does the above help anyone ?

Can the above be mapped to what's on the DSC PC1864 (keeping in mind i only have a 4 Core cable to use) .

Hi all,

As I'm looking to buy/install the RESON8 next week - please could someone help me with those final clarification questions above.

Many thansk

Thanks so much  @AlarmMike

Sorry to be pedantic, but can I assume you've missed the 'R' off against HoldOff - and RTN? Which means it's ...

Where P=Panel and R=Reson8 sounder/strobe

DSC       ---> Honeywell RESON8

P Bell +  --->  R HoldOff +
P Bell -   --->  R Trig - AND STB -
P Zone   --->  R HoldOff -
P Com    --->  R RTN -

Some follow up/clarification questions.

1) Does this set up mean there is a constant 12v feed for the LEDs to show the system is live ? If so, which wire will be doing that ?
2) As I only have a 4 Core wire for this siren/strobe, is it ok to split the wire that comes from "P Bell -" so it goes into both "R Trig -" AND "STB -"
3) As this will be using a hard wired zone on the main panel, what zone attributes need to be set ?

Do you want a status indicator for your panel ?
DSC makes  a status LED  module that connects to the keybus

Hi @dilligaff

As I already have an IT-100, which hooks up to my Vera Control HA system I have an app that shows me the status of the panel. So I don't think I need that. Thanks for the suggestion..

Regarding the external Siren/strobe I mentioned above to help act as an external deterrent- while I have found what looks like the wiring guide. How would that wire up to a PC1864 powerseries panels 

This looks to be the wiring / terminal set up ?

FYI - I only have a 4 core home run cable in place for this external Siren/strobe.


I was looking at the following external siren - and noticed that it flashes to show that there is constant power.

Fully integrated sounder/strobe
Twin LED Status Indication:
Two internal LEDs, one to identify that power is being supplied, and one to indicate tamper status. LEDís can also be set to alternate for eye-catching status confirmation.

Now I like that idea, but from what I can tell the siren on a PC1864 only outputs power once it is invoked ? So to power this would I need another power module e.g a PC5204 or PC5200 ?

Throw a status LED on another output.  You won't have an annoying siren squak.

Interesting idea, how would I do that exactly ?
Is that via a PGM (if so, they seem tricky to set up)

Thanks all :)

@securitydude123 - I don't think my home system is anything major, it's a mix of new and second hand (eBay) purchases..

1 x PC1864
2 x PTK5507 touchscreen keypads
1 x PC5108 Zone Expansion Module
1 x RF5132-433 Wireless Receiver
1 x PC5204 Additional Power
1 x IT-100 Module

5 x wireless PIRs
2 x wireless door/window
5 x wired PIRs

1. Vera 3 Home Automation System

Note : The alarm panel is in the loft with no siren connected - therefore the only siren is connected to the PC5204 Module, which is downstairs, powering the hallway keypad.

...  Being my very first install, it's been a labour of love to get all the modules I wanted and then to set it up (so it also work with my HA set up too)

Due to some much needed renovation work (which was the trigger to install the alarm system ) , I've had to do all the work in stages, but I'm pretty much there now. It's just the last subtle configuration settings I'm making (or becoming aware of)

@ dilligaff - The keypads were both already set up to beep; but due to the noise from the road and thickness of the front door - you can't hear the beeps when you are outside - just to know it's finished etc.

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