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Hi ShieldLab Forum readers,

I'm stumped by this one. I have a PC1832 set up with two PC5108 zone expanders, a PK5500, a PK5508, and an Envisalink EVL-4. I have recently finished adding the zone expanders and moving the existing contact circuits to smaller zones. Everything is working fine, except one thing. One of my zones, which only has one contact on it, won't ring the door chime. I have checked that the contact works, and the zone (19) registers the open and close, and that's all fine, and the Envisalink shows the activity as well. All the other zones chime normally. I checked in the zone options under section 119, and it is the same as my other zones (1234-6--). I checked in the keypad chime definition for the zone (keypad section 219) and it shows option 1---, same as my other zones. Still, no joy. I initially programmed the zone definition as a delay 2 (02) but moved that to a delay 1 (01), but that had no effect either. Any suggestions about where to look?


Just wanted to close this thread out. I got a new PC5108 board and swapped all the wiring over and the problem is now resolved. I did have to run a 902 reset (even after a cold start!) to get the new zone expander recognized and everything working properly. Anyway, I'm happy with my setup now, aside from some further separation of zones, and possibly a wireless upgrade in the future.


Thanks for the suggestions -- I have verified jumpers for both PC5108s are correctly installed, and that I have done a proper enrollment with section 902, followed by a 1 minute wait, then verifying that Zones 9-16 and Zones 17-24 appear in the output for section 903. I have also verified that section 203 shows ON for 12345678 and 204 shows ON for 12345678. I have assigned Zone types under 001 (1-16) and 002 (17-24). In section 002, I have zone 17 set as a 03 (window contact) and zone 18 set as a 01 (entry / exit door). No other contacts are connected to the PC5108 in question. Zone 18 is actually a contact that I am moving from a different zone (was combined with several windows) to provide greater granularity, so I am comfortable saying that at least that contact is working properly. I have also run a continuity check on the other contact (a window contact) and it responds as I expect, continuity when the window is closed and no continuity when it is open. The contacts are installed with no EOLRs. When I look in sections 117 and 118, they show the same as 116: 1234-6--   . Is there a per zone expander or per zone configuration for NC vs NO zones, and for EOLR setup? Looking at a programming sheet for the 1832 v4.22 (what I have) shows that in sections [101-132] have the per-zone options, but option for NC, EOLR, and DEOLR only apply to the first 8 zones.

It could be that I have a bad PC5108 I guess. Just seems like an odd failure mode to me.


I have a PC1832 with 2 keypads (PK5500 and PK5508), an EnvisaLink 4, and a PC5108 zone expander. I want to add some more zones, so I bought another PC5108, but I can't make it work -- the panel never shows that any of the zones are open. I have checked the two zones I have wired to it now, and I get no continuity when the zone is open, and continuity when the zone is closed. When I added the second PC5108, I checked section 903 and the panel does seem to be acknowledging the new 5108 as it shows Zones 9-16 and Zones 17-24 in addition to the keypads and the PC5400 (EnvisaLink). I programmed the two new zones into section 002, and added the new zones 17-24 into partition 1 in section 204 ... but the zones all still show closed all the time. I just tried setting one of the unused, not connected (no jumper or anything) zones up as a test, and it shows closed as well.

Any thoughts on what I  might be doing wrong? Did I miss a programming step? Do I need an additional power supply for the second zone expander? I believe the new zone expander is a PC5108 v1.0, but it looks identical to my other PC5108 as far as I can tell (except it is missing a label) -- both boards say REV 04 in the corner.


The only way to disable any beeps is to disable all the beeps on that keypad, it's not a selective thing, it's all or nothing at all
So that's a change from the behavior with the Power 832 board that I had ... (?) That seems like an odd change for a manufacturer to implement. And there is no beep at all from either keypad when I use my Envisalink EVL4 to enable or disable the door chime (via sending a *4 custom sequence).

Thanks all for the suggestions. Just to clarify, I am talking about the chime on/off tone, not the actual door chime when a zone is opened or closed.

I verified that my PK5500 is set to slot 8, and the PK5508 is set to slot 1 (both defaults, but both confirmed by programming). Going into the installer programming section 903, both keypads are detected with the appropriate slot numbers. The wiring looks good on both ends, and all other functions of the keypads work normally as far as I can tell.

In my case, the chime on/off tone is happening on BOTH keypads when I enable or disable -- on the keypad that the chime was enabled / disabled on, I get the usual <beep> then 6 fast beeps when enabling, and <beep> <long beep> when disabling. On the other keypad, which has not been touched, I get a single short <beep>. I'd like to stop that single short <beep>.

I've checked wiring, run the 902 reset followed by pausing a minute then 903, and everything checks out normally, but nothing has changed the second keypad short <beep> behavior.

I did try the *6 <master code> 6 #, but that had no effect on the PK5501 and says "function unavailable" on the PK5500.

Hi all,

I have a DSC Power 1832 (v4.2) system with two keypads - a PK5500 and a PK5508. The home originally came with a Power 832 but I upgraded because I broke the 832 trying to bypass the installer code. With the older Power 832 system, when activating / deactivating the door chime, the panel you activated it from would beep letting you know it had activated (short beep followed by I think 4 short beeps) or deactivated (short beep followed by a long beep), but the other keypad would not make any sound at all. Now, with the 1832, when I activate or deactivate the door chime from a keypad, the other keypad makes a single medium beep. Does anyone know if this is just due to differences between the 832 and the 1832, or if the second panel beep is something that can be configured? I do note that when using my Envisalink and sending a *4 custom sequence, the door chime feature is toggled, and neither panel makes a sound.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments!

Following up on this, does anyone have experience with a DSC zone type of "35"?

> 35 (24-Hour Bell/Buzzer) An Instant zone that will sound the siren if armed, but only the keypad buzzer if disarmed.

I'll play around with this, but my hope is that it will sound the keypad buzzer similarly to the door chime when triggered, but I suspect it would be a continuous alarm until disarmed (or at least 2 minutes).

Note that there are two "models" of the Envisalink 4 -- the EVL4-CG and the EVL4-EZR. The difference between the two, as far as I have been told by Eyez-On, is that the CG model includes instructions for dealer installation, and the EZR model includes instructions for consumer installation. The site functionality is slightly different between the Connect2Go portal and the Eyez-On portal, but the majority of the functionality available via either portal.

It sounds like you received a CG model, and the EZR model was more appropriate for you.

If you have a CG model and are a consumer, here are the directions you should follow:

Thanks for all the great advice! I was able to swap the zones around and the problem stayed with the zone on the panel, so it looks like I have a bad panel. I was able to get the "bad" zone working on the wired zone expander, though.

I'm still planning on pulling more of the wiring out of the wall and seeing if I can make more zones out of the existing wiring. I'm a little unclear on how the EOLRs work though -- If I have multiple contacts that are "home runs" to the panel, is there just one ELOR for that "loop"? The runs look like they are tied together with B connectors, so I was wondering if each "home run" has it's own EOLR and the B connectors connect the runs in series. I believe the contacts were installed by the builder and the panel was installed by a separate installer. The builder appears to have done things "by the book" and the installer did some things to get the system installed as expediently as possible.

One more question -- is it possible to configure the CHIME feature to chime a zone always, even if the door chime feature is turned off? I'm thinking it would be nice to be notified if the door to the balcony gets opened even if door chime for the rest of the doors is off.


Okay, so after about 12 hours, the LCD on the PK5500 seems to have "healed" itself and now all columns appear to be working normally. I haven't tried switching the faulted zone's wiring to another zone yet, but hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow.

Hi all,

I recently fried my DSC PC5010 main board while trying to bypass an installer lockout and no installer code condition (feel free to review my prior thread:, so I replaced it with a PC1832. I swapped the wires from the old PC5010 wire-for-wire, and did some basic programming, so the system mostly works. I have a couple of problems:

 - When I initially powered on the setup after carefully swapping all wires over to the new board, all 8 zones lit up as "open" (only 1 was actually open). I switched the programming for EOL resistor (section [013], places 1 and 2) from off-off to on-off, and everything seemed to work OK (except zone 2 below, may be a zone fault or a board fault, the board was used). I then switched to on-on and there as no change in functionality. Is there a good way to test and see what I should be setting for EOL resistor?
 - The PK5500 LCD screen has a single column of missing pixels. They all worked fine when it was connected to the PC5010. The system was down and powered off for about 2 weeks. Is this a common failure mode?
 - One of my zones isn't registering as closed (a set of windows). I checked the connections and everything seems good at the panel end, so I'll have to try and track this down. I was thinking I'd swap the wiring to another zone that I know works, and then start trying to isolate and see if I have a bad / open contact somewhere. Any other suggestions for troubleshooting zones with multiple contacts?
  - I have a 2-wire smoke alarm setup configured. The wires connect to [AUX+] and [PGM2]. I've set section [009] to [04] (Data). Is there anything else I have to do to enable smoke detector supervision?

I also have a PC5108 zone expander and my wiring looks like I have a bunch of individual runs tied together to make a single zone, so I'm hoping to be able to expand that back out to have more detail and flexibility, but that will take me a bit of time to see what cables run to which contacts and make sense of what to isolate. I have a "fox and hound" / tone generator set that I was thinking might be useful for tracing out the runs, but I'm not sure if that works with alarm wiring (might have to open all the contacts before tracing?).

Any other suggestions for a newbie programming an 1832? Cool tricks?


Sorry for the confusion -- yeah, my system seems to be a collection of parts that happened to be handy at the time it was installed. I have (well, had is probably a better description) a PC5010 in a PC5020 can (according to the label on the inside), and the aforementioned PK5500 and PK5508 keypads. I'm on the lookout for a PC1832 now ... I see that there are multiple versions -- are there significant differences between v4.22 and v4.6 that I should be aware of ...?

And this is why alarm professionals are, well, professionals. I tried grounding pin 25 on the DSC IC, but I didn't have a proper IC clip, so I tried to monkey something into place. I was able to get my system to power up and respond with the default code, but unfortunately while I was trying to get the new code programmed (it seemed to be working ...!), I slipped with the grounding and I'm sure I made contact with either pin 24 or 26 and now my system won't do anything but report a keybus fault and "Call for Service". I've tried removing all but 1 keypad, and I tried defaulting the panel (which gave no indication that the default was doing anything, unfortunately), but still the same behavior -- initial siren whoop when powering on, no relay clicks or anything, then at 1 second intervals a short siren whoop. I guess I'll be looking for a new panel. AlarmMike, you mentioned that replacement panels won't fully work with my keypads -- I have a PK5500 and a PK5508. Should I be shopping for a used PC5010 or would you recommend something else? PC1832?

Thanks for the wealth of information, AlarmMike. I've got a couple motion detectors on separate zones, so that would make sense for the two AUX connections, and the fire for the likely AUX+ and PGM2 combo. All 8 of my zones are  set up for various other sensor circuits, so the smokes must be a 2-wire type installation (I'll confirm this later tonight though). The bell setup I'll have to work a bit to track down though -- I'm only aware of a single siren, so I'll have to look a little deeper.

Thanks again!

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