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Comcast must have a "takeover module" that goes in the panel and converts the wired zones to wireless that's compatible with the Comcast system.  These are becoming more common and, in my book, the rooster way of doing it.

When all is said and done, the Comcast unit won't be used any more.  Your system will be used via the 6150RF keypad you have.

What exactly is displayed on the 6150RF keypad?
this is on my wall in my home the 6150 RF Keypad hope this helps.Thank's

Sorry I did not explain myself a little better,I have both a 6160RF keypad and a touchscreen,Comcast did not install my alarm system the only thing they installed was the touch screen and rewired the panel,I disconnected the touch screen one day to see if the system works and it did not but I can use either one to set the alarm.I'm not going to stop Comcast until I find a way to get this working first.Also someone said they can not see the photos above,are they there now.
   WA20P.9.17  chip
   HONEYWELL 20P    panel
   6150RF  keypad

there you go that's exactly what I was hoping for,how hard was it to install everything and who was your last home security provider,i wanted cellular this time and read it was better than wifi but wanted to monitor it myself and am not even sure if I can.
so thank's for your help i will check that out tomorrow

This was installed by ADP when the house was built a few years ago i guess they install them in all new homes.i called Comcast and they took the alarm over,it is still hooked up now but I don't want to cancel until I no what to buy and monitor it myself i'm paying 39.00 a month now.
The only hardware that they gave me was a touch screen about 5 inches long,there is no phone line I am trying to figure out what to get and have it installed I don't want to play with something I no nothing about,and I want cellular this time not wifi.
i'll try and load the pictures again.

 I have a honeywell alarm 20P with a 6160RF keypad,the home is new and this was installed with it,my lease is up and I want to get my own monitoring company.I want to get this up and working after they shut it down,i have no phone line the connection is threw the internet but I would rather have cellular.
Called a few places in fort pierce but they want to sell me everything,so I figure maybe I could learn a few things here first.
I need to no what to buy and where to start.I took some pictures so you could see what I got to get a better idea.
thanks mike   

Hello I have a hard wired honeywell alarm 20P with a 6160RF keypad,the home is new and this was installed with it.I wanted to convert this to a wireless system so I
can  monitor it myself or find another company and also add z-wave .Now it is being monitored by comcast cable which includes my tv and internet in a package deal and my contract is up.
I just need to no what to buy and what options I have,I was hoping someone here can help that works with these alarm systems and installs them would no.
thanks mike

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