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Had a line ran to an old bathroom window that I removed years ago. Did away with it and tied the window that was on my zone 5(the problem) into another window circuit and everything seems to be working fine. Probably going to replace the old panel with a newer version

Thatís what it is reading, I made a short replacement loop with a contact in it and still nothing from my zone 5- I believe the issue is with my zone 5, I only use 6 zones, would there be a way to tag this onto another zone

On 2000k setting 1 with window open, 001 with window closed. The panel doesnít react with wires connected or not to the screws

Looks like something going on with my zone 5.

Thanks for all your help. I checked between 14 and 15 and got 12.9. . If I remove 14 nothing happens.
The way I checked the wire earlier was just checking for continuity it seemed fine - as in not broken.

Not sure the only thing I can find says
No. 4110 summery of connections possibly 4110 Ademco

Green wire on screw #14, resistor on screw #15 then to the yellow of the same wire.

No changes to panel , been programmed for probably 15 years.

The panel does not show open window on my zone 5, I have replaced the contact and checked wire for open or short. Not sure where to go from here.

New battery fixed it. Thanks guys

The alarm I have now does not have a working dialer or a modem. Will a key for still work ?

Is there an easy way to know from outside that your alarm is set. I often come home after being on duty early in the morning  and Iím not sure if the wife has turned the alarm off. I like her to set the alarm on instant when she is home. Maybe a small light?

Thanks for the replyís. My battery is probably 5 yrs old. I will load test it. Hopefully that is the issue.

Both the horn and siren only activates for about 5 seconds during an alarm and then shuts off- the Ademco keypad stays activated

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