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Fire Alarm System Forum / Re: Wiring problem on Fire Alarm
« on: March 13, 2019, 05:59:22 AM »
'Twin & earth' - addressable?  Sounds about right to me if the cable meets spec - but things might be different where you are.

What do the glassbreaks have to do with the FA?

You might want to specify where you are located, since rules are jurisdiction-based.

What terminals is your phone line connected to?  The line should be wired to T and R - connecting a phone to those terminals should give you a dial tone.

Three possible reasons for not dialing out are

1. Your line isn't actually connected to the panel (connect a phone to the T & R terminals to see if you have a dial tone)
2. You have the line connected  to T1 and R1 (you would exchange the T & R connections with the T1 & R1 connections to resolve this)
3. Your panel has a problem.  You wrote that the relay clicks, so the panel may be TRYING to call, but is something's wrong it won't get through.

Good luck

Well, first of all, this is a forum dedicated to DIY security.  Elk is relatively expensive.  DIYers tend to be cheap.  You do the math and you'll have he answer as to why there is little activity in the Elk sub forum and lots in the Vista one, where complete systems sell for $80.

As to whether the product is worthy of installation consider that once installed, most systems, whether automation or security tend to be left in place and are NOT upgraded.  And the majority of installation tend NOT to be combinations of security and automation/home control.  There are a number of integrated solutions out there, like Interlogix's Modular and Self Contained hubs and DSC's Iotega, to mention a couple.  They tend to be loaded with features and likely would overwhelm the typical DIYer, not to mention that as these things get more complex they get more and more buggy (see my post about unresolved issues with  the Mod Hub) and note my company is the one that the local Interlogix and Honeywell reps send to bail out local alarm companies who get themselves into trouble.

Interlogix, Ademco and many others have had X10 control, in addition to wired controls in their products for decades.  The Lynx and Simon can control lighting and outlets wirelessly.  Other manufacturers have also had and have capabilities built into their hardware as well.  It never sold well and the consumer products you buy today on Amazon and at Best Buy are cute, but for the most part built like crap. 

To really do it right and reliably requires the likes of Control 4, Johnson Controls, Crestron, Sonance and others at that level.

Of course when it comes to home automation in the general sense the field is very crowded, whether with hubless Wi-Fi and BT components, or various Zigby, Zwave and other non-security controllers - and, by way of example, my brother fancies himself a tech type and his home is filled with crap that only I can get working for him and even then, it only keeps working for limited periods of time and then glitches out - he has to be nice to me to get me to go there on a semi-regular basis to get his wireless components to all talk together again.

In fact his ongoing issues (and he has been through several controllers and a whole bunch of intelligent baseboard heaters, thermostats, lights and appliances, all consumer grade) and the cost of proper automation are what keep me from upgrading from my old X10 which controls the lighting in my home just fine.

So once again, if it does what you want, then there's no reason not to use it.  If it doesn't, then look for something that does.

"Left in the past"?

Is there something you are looking for that it doesn't do?  If not then it is a well built, mature device and you won't go wrong using it.

Note that whiz-bang modern devices tend to now be dependent on Internet-based gateways and are useless once the provider decides he no longer wishes to support the device, at which time your hardware becomes a paperweight;  further, these software-driven devices often are loaded with bugs.

Witness what happened when Interlogix decided to stop supporting the AdvisorOne and the endless list of bugs in the NX-595e and Modular Hub products.

Newer is not always better.

North American 595s have no voice integration.  Did your board come with the manual you are reading from?  Or did you download it?  If the latter, and it mentions the voice functions you are reading the international manual, which doesn't apply in North America.

Just had a major failure to deploy for a Mod Hub system (6 keypads, 21 wired zones, 3 wireless, cell and so on).  Keypads simply stopped working over the buss - an issue related to the rather foolish high speed RS-485 data buss and its sensitivity to star configuration wiring. It doesn't help that the convoluted design makes the integrated cellular radio very insensitive.

It isn't as if the Modular Hub is new - apparently it has been sold in Australia for almost 10 years, so there is no excuse.

We will be ripping out the Mod Plus and replacing it with an NX8V2/NX-1820e keypads and NX-595 (to get the Ultrasync connectivity) and NX-591NE cell module.  I contacted my rep and told him I expected them to take back the removed equipment - he refused outright and the $1200 at cost in equipment is now a loss for me on this project.

Looking at my notes and old e-mails, Interlogix US support has known about the various issues as reported by me and confirmed by them since I started reporting them in 2016 and they have resolved none of the problems - I asked that a product manager call to discuss the issues and explained that given the complete lack of marketing on their part, any negative publicity is likely to be devastating.

So far no one has bothered to phone.

Oh, there ARE push notifications - you enable them in the notifications section of the Ultrasync app.

Just doing a pass through the board and looked at this thread because I didn't recall the specifics of what transpired.

The review revealed to me that you (and I) didn't recognise that the 507 differs from the basic auxiliary outputs in that it has a zone/user specifier for each output.  So no work around is required - set the zone to match the one you wish to have the output follow and all should be good.

How do you have the alarm reporting set up?  A comm failure of this type refers to traffic intended for an alarm receiver - so you may have IP reporting enabled or you may have the board set up to use dial-up as a backup, again with no monitoring station programmed in.

There ARE bugs in the 595E - their OH implementation is badly flawed and it will report opens and closes over dial-up on systems with the 595 and dual IP/Dial-up reporting even if it disabled for the dialer.

Will they ever fix the bugs?  Well, given their lack of fixes for the modular hub one does wonder.

But your problems should be resolvable.

'open the switch'?

On an 1100e all you do is press the button.  I never played with any of the older variants - we were installing other brands of hardware before '87.

Is the panel locked?

What is an NX-8F?  A fire version of the panel?

Sounds like your keypad may be missing a typed digit from time to time.

As MA said, this is not representative of a code error or locked panel.

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