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You can buy a z-wave thermostat from just about anywhere.  The ZWSTAT is by Honeywell (recommended). 

You need Wi-Fi to utilize the WIFI card properly.

If you want to use your Wi-Fi card and connect your system to your phone without a monthly fee, you can.  It works like apple TV; if your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as the system, you only need to pay a few dollars to download the app..  If you wanted to access your system outside of your network, you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee.  I am not sure the cost, but you can check out Alarm Relay (1.800.560.1003).  They require monitoring with the service.  If you just want to use Total Connect without monitoring; check out

I sell the ZWSTAT at if you are interested.


I sell it.  give me a call at Home Security Store

1.888.501.7870 x 210

Check out the MX-40PI by optex, it has 100lb pet immunity.

call Alarm Relay at 1.800.560.1003 they can set you up with just the app.  It may be less than 25 per month.

I suggest do the 5816 sensor too but with a hardwired 958 overhead garage sensor attached to it.  I find those more reliable than the tilt sensors.   I've experienced a bll being thrown at a garage door with one of those and created a false.  Luckily someone was home.

Sound like you need to replace your communicator, go with another ADC provider as previosly stated.  If you need the communicator, I can supply that for you.  Alarm Relay can set you up for the service.  Call me at Home Security Store (1.888.501.7870 x 210 )

I suggest the DSC WLS914-433  It is dual tech and there are many positive reviews.  There are less false alarms with this motion detector.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me at HOme Security Store.

I do not think Ive seen more than four pigtails on one adaptor.  I recommend getting a 9 channel box  This will supply adequate power and provide individual fuses for each camera.



I think you are talkig about the encore firefighter sensor.

I do not sell it so I do not know exactly what happens.  It hears your 110v smokes and transmits the signal back to the panel. 

Hope this helps. If this is nbot a good solution and you need to buy new detectors, please call me at 1.888.501..7870 x 210
Blake  ;D

check out and submit your zip code.  It is a network of installers for your area.


Security Systems and Home Automation / Re: DSC 1832 PGM1/2 Outputs
« on: July 10, 2014, 05:21:32 PM »
You could have done the PC5601 Tri Status indicator and connected it to the keybus.  Just a thought.

You can BUY a PC5108 Zone expander and use that as a Sub system for the Studio.  That keypad and subpanel will each have a 22/4 wire to the main panel.  Then its all about programming partitions. That is generally what people would do.


The TR5164-433 only works with Power series PC1616, PC1832, or the PC1864. 
•Compatible with PowerSeriesv4.6+

YOu will need to upgrade to at Least an 1832 V. 4.6.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

It looks exciting.  Makes me wish I waited for the 7000 instead of doing the 5100 2 months ago.  :'(

If you need help ordering a system, please feel free to Call Home Security Store.  My name is Blake and will be happy to assist you.

1.888.501.7870 x 210

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