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Have you set the keypad to address 16?

So all you see is

ready to arm?

Try powering down your system the m power it back up.

Did you set the address of the keypad?

You can always place the resister at the panel end in series with zone one to solve the problem...  That to me sounds like the quickest fix...


EOL just means End of Line Resistor.

It means that a resistor was placed some place in series in the protected circuit line.

You should measure a Open if the door is open and 2000 ohms when the door is closed.

If you read a SHORT (zero Ohms) when the door is closed you have a Normally Closed (NC) circuit.

If you read a OPEN when the Door is closed you have a Normally Open (NO) circuit.

In the cases of the above you should see the opposite when the door is opened.

You can find the modems on Ebay... thats where  I found my modem for like $20.

Nope you will be good....
Settings are saved...

(1ea) LynxR-EN Control
(2ea) 5816 Door/Window Transmitters with Magnets
(1ea) 5890PI Motion Detector
(1ea) Rechargeable Back-up Battery
(1ea) X10 Power line interface
(1ea) Video User's Guide

one Lynxr-en Control Panel,
two 5816 Transmitters,
one 5890PI Infrared,
one X10 Power line interface and
one Video User's Guide

They look the same to me, I would call and ask...

You will do A-OK.

Remember look at the programming manuals almost all the options are at a default.  Just make the changes you need for your installation.

Oh and a little advice... Connnect up your HORNS LAST :)   ot place a Pillow over then while you are testing your system.

Oh and the quickest way to tell if you have a 15p or 20p system is the number of hardwired zones.   15p=6 a 20p=8

Compare the diagram on the inside cover to the board in your panel.  You will see on the diagram that terminals 18 - 20 are only on the 20p panel.

After finding the Installer Code you need to change remove the phone number in *41 and *42

To clear entries, press ∗41∗ or *42*
respectively. Do not fill unused spaces.

The panel makes a total of eight attempts to the primary telephone number and eight attempts to the secondary telephone number (if programmed) to get a valid message through. If the panel is not successful after its numerous attempts, the keypad displays COMM. FAILURE (on alpha keypads) or FC (on fixedword keypads).

If it is the magnet just at the edge of its range, you can always add another magnet alongside the existing magnet to increase the size of the EM field.

I think its done via *56 and whan it asks for a zone number you choose  Zones 95,96,99.

But I am not sure...

Not much unless you program a number for your system to dial, and then you probably will get some sort of error because the panel will not get the proper handshake.  But if you program the paging feature. You might be able to use it to page someone but they will have to know what the message means.....

Who know .... Play with it :)

I thought that software was for DCS panels not Ademco.   I might be wrong.... Is this question posted in the wrong forum?

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