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Author Topic: Pre-installed Caddx Ranger 8980  (Read 8377 times)


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Pre-installed Caddx Ranger 8980
« on: October 23, 2006, 05:12:00 AM »
I have a Caddx Ranger 8980 that came installed in my home. I may have the four digit master code, but not sure how to check. So I may or may not have the correct code, but I do have the “RANGER 8980E DOWNLOADABLE CONTROL COMMUNICATOR INSTALLATION MANUAL.pdf” not sure if this is the user manual or technical specs for Alarm Control Panel.

The previous owner did have monitoring with local company I have the Name, Monitoring I.D Number, and Security system Zone chart information (e.g. what zones do what).

I was attempting to see if the Ranger 8980 Security Control Center unit was working or even had power. I wasn't able to find the plug-in transformer so I connected a new backup battery inside the Ranger 8980 Alarm Control Panel box, then I connected my home phone line to the Control Panel.

I went to the Caddx keypad and the “Ready” light was on, So I tried some of the bypass zone key functions which are basic instructions listed on the inside cover of the keypad (e.g. Press *, zone # to bypass, *) to see if I had any power. All the zone lights eventually came on.

Very soon after to my surprise, the police knocked on the door and told me that the alarm company called to say I tripped the alarm. I have no idea “exactly” what I did. Just assuming some how I must have Armed the system of course. (I never used the Master code I think I might have!)

After the police left, I disconnected the battery and phone line from the system.

So, I called the monitoring company that called the police. Since it worked so well even before I had any monitoring service setup, to have the system reprogrammed and armed for me.

When the Tech finally came out he said the keypad was not working and that I needed to purchase a new keypad for $199.00 plus some phone adapter for about $69.00. Not sure if it just to get me into a contract.  If the keypad is truly not working then why was I able to connect to the monitoring service? How can I get this system up and running on my own?

Also, I would like to connect outside night vision cameras and a unit for remote monitoring to my existing system if possible.

Something like the:

Motorola HMEZ1000, Home Monitoring & Control System Easy Start Kit. This Easy Start Kit includes everything you need to get started & installation is simple. So get the peace of mind of your own Home Monitoring & Control System today! What's more, the Easy Start Kit is the cornerstone of a Home Monitoring & Control System you customize and install to meet your exact needs.
You place wired & wireless cameras where you want them, set your system to send still images and text alerts to your cell phone or Email, & even add up to eight sensors to monitor access points, room temperature extremes, &/or the presence or absence of water.

Ideally I would like to bypass any third party monitoring service all together. And run all my alarm needs myself! Ambitious indeed!


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Re: Pre-installed Caddx Ranger 8980
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2006, 10:33:24 AM »
Few things-
First if the panel called the police then you have some kind of monitoring service from somebody.  A panel doesn't just call the police, it calls a monitoring service and they call the police.  This is because when a panel dials, it only sends a brief data chirp which a monitoring station understands, but police don't.

It's possible I suppose that the keypad is dead.  Power up with the phone unplugged and see if you can interact with the system via the keypad.  Also make sure you dont have a cellular backup that might call the monitoring company.  Or, instead call them and have them put your account into test mode so they don't call the police.  If it doesnt work like it seems like it should you could have a dead keypad. 
Also not sure what he meant by phone adapter...

As for connecting it to cameras and stuff, cameras will operate separately.  However if you have a DVR recording from the cameras, you can use a PGM output from the panel, or use the bell output with a relay, to trigger the DVR to start recording.  Many DVRs can be plugged into a computer network and remotely monitored over the Internet.

As for the motorola kit as I recall you need to get their service for that.  Do some research, as I recall it had mixed reviews.

As for bypassing a 3rd party service- that is unwise.  There are 'self-monitored' alarms, where a voice dialer is connected to the alarm and it calls your cell phone.  This however is a bad idea for a few reasons- first you may not always have or be able to answer your cell.  Second the voice dialer only gives you general info, ie 'THERES AN ALARM'.  When it dials a monitoring company it reports what kind of alarm, what zone it was on, etc etc in the data burst.  Lastly, to dial your cell and play the message, the panel and voice dialer have to survive (not be smashed or burned) for the duration of the call.  The monitoring center call is over in about 10-20seconds. 


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Re: Pre-installed Caddx Ranger 8980
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2006, 04:20:55 AM »
Hello ...

First of all I'd like to tell you hoe does that panel works..

When you power up the system all the zones lights are off. You have to wait 1 min and after that you will here a byp tone and the leds of the zones that are open will go on.

you can find the user code but send me an email ti to tell you how you can do it.

Tell me if there are any wires at terminal 28 - 29 .

Do you have a polymeter ??

Let me know so i can help you
Elias Kestritsalis
CCTV - Access Control- Fire Systems - Alarm Systems
Athens - Greece


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