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Author Topic: ADT Safewatch Pro 3000... Need to remove any old users, how to do it?  (Read 11493 times)


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My new house has an ADT safewatch pro 3000 alarm system. It has 1 wireless keyfob and uses a cellular backup for monitoring.

I would like to change the master code and make sure there are no other users that are set in the system that I may not know about...

So I just want the master code and the keyfob to work and that's it. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I found the manual online and how to change the master code but I have no idea how to see if other users are in the system and how to delete them.

ADT wants $200 to come out and do this for me, please help. Thanks



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Re: ADT Safewatch Pro 3000... Need to remove any old users, how to do it?
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2009, 01:07:57 PM »
There is no way to read out the user codes directly.  You can determine which user numbers are in use by trying to store a new user code in a user number,  If the user number is already in use, it won't let you store a new user code in that user number.  The Installer code is user 01 and the master code is user 02.  So user 03 is the first available user number.  The command to delete a user is:

[MC] + 8 + [user no] +

User numbers are always two digits.

Having said that, somewhere in there is the duress code.  Assuming that you know what the duress code is, the only way I know of to find out which user number it is stored under is to enter the duress code to create a silent alarm condition.  You can then read out the log with [MC] + #60.  The duress entry will have code 121 in it.  It will also have the user number.  You will have to be on the phone with your alarm company when you do this (Don't use the phone line that the alarm uses) or you will have the police at your door with guns drawn.

The other approach is to delete all of the users, one at a time and then re-enter the duress code at the user number of your choice.

Hopefully you know what the duress code is.  Don't post it on here.

The log will also tell you what user number the key fob is using.  Hopefully it's the master user number (02).


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If this system was installed by ADT or an ADT dealer (and this model probably was), the duress code is programmed into user number 17 and is the usual duress always programmed into the Ademco panels. That is unless the installer left specific mention that he changed it. You can go ahead and change the duress code by using the same process you would change any other code once you have confirmed the user number, however I would just leave it as-is and save some headache.

If memory serves the SW3k can support about 40 or so user codes, but I sincerely doubt that many codes were ever entered into the system.

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and is the usual duress always programmed into the Ademco panels.

I'm curious what that would be.... PM me   ;)

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