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Camera Warning Sign & Decals

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While many people end up spending thousands of dollars on state of the art security camera systems, a simple CCTV warning sign or decal may be all you need.
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This package includes (1) 11"x11" security camera warning sign and (3) 5"X5" security camera warning decals which are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The security signs are made from weatherproof plastic and decals or premium grade vinyl. The sign has rounded corners and four holes pre-drilled for easy mounting.

Most burglars are unskilled, inexperienced and seeking the path of least resistance, and a couple of strategically placed deterrents can dramatically decrease your chances of being burglarized.

Convincing a potential burglar or neighborhood hoodlum that your house or business is protected with a video surveillance system can stave off an impending burglary or vandalism to your property. Whether or not you actually have a video surveillance system, one glimpse of a security camera sign often scares a thief away. Why would he break into or damage your home or business when there is a more vulnerable house or business down the street?

Security signs on your premises send a clear message to would be thieves that you are not an easy target. "Warning Video Surveillance" signs are useful whether you have a real camera installed, a dummy camera or even no camera at all. Not many opportunistic thieves are going to risk breaking in if they think they are going to be taped. Security warning signs are also perfect for telling crooks to move on.

While camera warning signs can be great ways to deter burglars from committing any crimes, you have to remember that these are just signs. If the intruder is not spooked away, there is no way to alert the police or catch them in the act. Use these signs solely to decrease the chances of theft.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand WINN
What's in the box This package includes (1) 11"x11" security sign and (3) security camera decals which are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.


You get exactly what you see in the pictureReview by Jeff Fargo
I have had the sign and stickers outside for a couple months and it hasn't given my any problems, No Fading from direct sun light. Very professional looking. (Posted on 6/15/15)
They are really bright and stand out!Review by Renee
The signs and stickers are well made, durable, and constructed to withstand all kinds of outdoor weather. (Posted on 6/15/15)
Very Proffesional Looking!Review by Jason
I recommend it to anyone concerned about security of their business property. They look pretty convincing to any potential bad guy wanting to break into my property.
I would give 5 starts if the signs were thicker. (Posted on 5/30/15)
These are excellent qualityReview by Cody
Even if you do not have security cameras you should get the sign and stickers. The stickers were a nice addition and are good on glass doors. No sign of fading from the sun. (Posted on 5/21/15)
Hhey are bright and the bigReview by David l. Long
We have posted these signs and stickers around our property and they are holding up very well. No fading and no peeling. The first thing most people do when they see them is start looking around for the camera, so I have Dummy cameras also. (Posted on 5/7/15)
Sign is very visibleReview by Robert More
The Sign is very visible. Large Print is a very effective when approaching the property. I don't expect to have any issues posting it outside (Posted on 4/16/15)
Love this sign and stickersReview by Stacey
I have this sign and stickers around my house and they look great and doing the job of keeping the bad guys away! (Posted on 4/8/15)
Very steady and weather proofReview by Charlie
We have this put up in several areas of our property. Signs are very good quality. Easy to read from afar. Highly recommend. There are four screw holes, one in each corner of the sign. (Posted on 4/4/15)
LikeReview by Shane
very nice sign and stickers (Posted on 3/8/15)
Really much larger than I anticipated. Review by Ray
These Decals and sign were inexpensive, yet decent quality! (Posted on 3/7/15)
Very visible from a distanceReview by Charles
Good sign, strong thick plastic, shows no sign of fading after 6 months in the sun. I hope it will deter the next burglar who tries to break into my house. (Posted on 11/20/14)
I would recommend it to my friends.Review by Wolf
They definitely get the point across to potential troublemakers. I would recommend it to my friends. (Posted on 7/23/14)
Very HappyReview by Charles
I ordered this to place around my home to alert and to detour trouble. I haven't had any problems since. The sign and stickers arrived fairly quickly; I was very happy with the results. (Posted on 6/6/14)

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