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Home Alarm Monitoring Service

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Only $8.95 a month, you can have your alarm system monitored by a professional UL Listed central that can dispatch the Police or Fire. By knowing what to expect from an alarm monitoring service, consumers can make a more confident choice about the people and equipment providing their monitoring.
Brand: Alarm Relay
Alarm Relay
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High alarm monitoring fees are a drag. In fact, the avoidance of these fees is one of the main reason that so many homeowners go without home security monitoring. As dangerous and ill-advised as doing so may be, we understand why this happens.

Despite the fact that we are sympathetic to the plight of homeowners when it comes to avoiding high security monitoring fees, we are not content to allow a lack of monitoring to exist with any of our customers. Hopefully, you all feel the same way and will not only take this subject seriously, but will also spread the word to your friends and family members. And by word, we mean the following tips on how to avoid high monthly alarm monitoring fees:

Beware Of Home Security Tricksters

We’ve discussed this many times right here on this blog, but if you are a first-time reader please listen up. Some of the biggest names in the home security business are unapologetic in taking advantage of customers just like you. See, with promises of low-cost or free equipment and discounted installations, these companies gain significant profits by overcharging on monitoring fees. Know this and avoid this tactic by first opting for DIY home security devices and thus rendering these companies both useless and unnecessary for your household’s protection.

Say Goodbye to Monitoring Middlemen

Installing your own home security devices is a good start, but to truly avoid the high cost of alarm monitoring, it will be necessary to cut the middleman out completely. It helps to note that home security companies that attempt to sell alarm monitoring rarely (if ever) actually do the monitoring themselves. Instead, they contract with a professional monitoring company who charges a far more reasonable rate for service. Customers never realize this true rate, however, since the middleman is notorious for inflating the cost of service to the end consumer and pocketing the difference themselves.

The easiest and most cost-effective way of cutting the middleman out without sacrificing quality and professional monitoring is to go direct to the source. We highly recommend Alarm Relay where, as a Home Security Store customer, you can enjoy a rate of just $8.95 per month for professional grade monitoring from a UL certified central station. This low-cost, first rate monitoring is offered at up to a 300% savings of what typical home security companies offer for the exact same service. How’s that for avoiding high alarm monitoring fees?

Consider DIY Remote Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring fees are completely eliminated with DIY remote monitoring devices like the Envisalink Internet Alert Module for DSC and Honeywell Security systems. Anyone with a smartphone can receive instant alerts whenever home security has been breached. Homeowners can also remotely look in on a home at anytime from anywhere they may be. This, of course, is all at no additional cost.

Professional Monitoring Vs. Remote Monitoring

We have to be honest here. While DIY remote monitoring is, by far, the most economical choice for alarm monitoring, it is not necessarily the best. If a smartphone is ever lost or even if a battery is simply low or an owner is in a poor service area, alerts may not be received in a timely fashion. At such times, actual remote monitoring capabilities may be limited or completely nonexistent. This is not to suggest that remote monitoring is not a good option for some, only that nothing beats live monitoring by a professional service provider, such as Alarm Relay. While there is a monthly fee associated with this option, it is far less than what can be found elsewhere for a comparable service.

The Final Word on High Alarm Monitoring Fees

Now that you know why the standard monitoring fees charged by most home security companies are so high, we hope that you will select a better alternative. While alarm monitoring is optional for DIY home security, we hope that you realize that it is still a very necessary component of your overall plan to protect your family and your home. If opting for professional monitoring, for little more than $100 for an entire year’s service, homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a professionally trained team of alarm monitors are paying vigilant attention to a security system and are ready to spring into action on a family’s behalf at the first sign of a security risk. Tell Us about Your Alarm Monitoring Experiences

We are always interested in hearing your take on various home security topics. Do you have direct experience with alarm monitoring? If you’ve encountered excessive alarm monitoring fees or have a story to tell about how a monitored system helped save your family from potential harm, we’d love to hear all about it in the space provided below

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Alarm Relay
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Home Alarm Monitoring

Crimes and disasters can happen at any moment, in any neighborhood. Having an alarm monitoring service is critical to protect your family and ensure your home is as safe as possible. But many security companies charge a dollar a day or more for second-rate service and lock customers into long-term contracts.

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Your business is your life. With so much invested in it and so many potential threats, you can’t afford to take your security decisions lightly. But you can afford Alarm Relay’s monitoring. We provide a variety of low-price solutions for commercial properties. Every day and every night, you will feel at ease, knowing your business is being monitored by our accredited, highly responsive service.


4 StarsReview by Jib
We have had an Alarm Relay monitored system for a few years now and I have no complaints whatsoever (Posted on 10/17/15)
SafeReview by mattie
They did what they said they would do. All has gone well so far. I'm safe with Alarm Relay (Posted on 10/11/15)
Customer service is excellentReview by jeanneua
Prompt and professional alarm monitoring (Posted on 10/8/15)
No complaintsReview by lilyoz69
My experience was very good ! They are very helpful, excellent customer service (Posted on 10/1/15)
We were happy with them!Review by Randy
I had Alarm Relay for awhile when I first bought my house. There were some issues with the alarm going off for no reason, but when that happened I called them and they fixed the issue over the phone. (Posted on 6/1/15)
I will never change monitoring companies!Review by William
After my previous security service sold my account for the third time and monthly charges kept climbing I went shopping for a new service. I wanted to keep my equipment and just change to a new monitoring service. I will never change monitoring companies. I highly recommend them to everyone.
(Posted on 4/3/15)
Professional alarm monitoring serviceReview by Dwight
Alarm Relay is a great company. They take their customers safety seriously. A customer with an alarm system depends on their central station to properly service them. Alarm Relay is very concerned about their customers and want to provide them with the best service. Their service and support is great, and they have people that know what they’re talking about at their call center. Much better than our previous monitoring company. (Posted on 3/23/15)
Alarm RelayReview by Eric
With so many alarm monitoring companies out there, and a lack of sites willing to bring you the Honest breakdowns of each company. Alarm Relay is a highly reliable company that will ensure that you get a peace of mind knowing that you are safe and your property is safe (Posted on 3/22/15)
Could not be betterReview by Jerry
I had my home alarm system monitored by alarm relay for the last two years. I've had no problems and they respond fast when I trip the alarm system every time! (Posted on 11/20/14)
Best value out thereReview by D from NJ
I've been a customer for over the years now and i couldn't be happier. Everytime Ive accidentially set my alarm off they call almost immediately. (Posted on 11/16/14)
I now have piece of mind that my home and loved ones are protected and safeReview by Heidi
Signing up with the monitoring was a breeze. The customer service person was extremely nice and helpful. I'd highly recommend to anyone to at least look at Alarm Relay before making a decision elsewhere. (Posted on 9/17/14)
I am very satisfied with my experienceReview by Adam
This is the system you need. No hassles and no nonsense. Great Price! (Posted on 9/17/14)
HonestyReview by Steve McFarland
I sure am glad I did my homework on the internet before buying alarm monitoring. I was very impressed by Shieldlab's upfront honesty and Alarm Relay's low cost monitoring service. (Posted on 6/26/14)
I have been very happyReview by Douglas
I have this monitoring company for four or five years I am very satisfied with the service and they are fast 99 percent of the time. The monitoring is very good for a low cost service. (Posted on 6/26/14)

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The Critical Home Security

Possibly the most important part of any home security system is professional 24 hour alarm monitoring for fast emergency response. Don't rely upon neighbors to call police. Only professional alarm monitoring can guarantee that any emergency will be processed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Works with Alarm Systems You Install Yourself

For years, we looked for a company that would work with the thousands of alarm systems. While all the monitoring stations we contacted were willing to work with professional installers, none wanted to deal directly with do-it-yourself systems. Plus, they insisted on gouging you by charging upwards of $25 per month while this alarm monitoring service is only $8.95/month.

$8.95 a Month for Home, Business and Commercial Monitoring

If you own a small business and need your store, warehouse, or office monitored, we'll do the job for that same $8.95 rate.

You Keep Control of Your Panel and Installer Codes

One of the secrets in the alarm industry is that most services keep the installer and service codes to your system, keeping you dependent on their services. But for self-installed systems, you're the owner of the hardware, so you'll have the installer codes if you need to expand or service your system.

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