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Weather-Proof Adel 5600 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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Protect Your Home or Business with This NEW Biometric Lock. Grant access to authorized users with the touch of a finger

The biggest problem with keys: They can easily be duplicated. Fingerprints on the other hand are individually unique.

Brand: ADEL
Part Number: ADEL-5600

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Adel is the world leader in biometric technology that pioneered fingerprint recognition development and applications.

Everyone has a unique, unchanging fingerprint. A fingerprint is made of a series of ridges and furrows on the surface of the finger and these are used to determine the uniqueness of the fingerprint. Once registered on the fingerprint scanner, the image of these patterns is converted into a code through a mathematical sequence called an algorithm which effectively becomes a digital form of you. This is stored on a database for comparison which grants authentication and access through the secured door.


  • DIY-easy installation
  • No other hardware needed, and standalone
  • Three master-print enroll or eliminate other users fingerprints
  • 99 fingerprint memory capacity
  • 3 access methods: Fingerprint, PIN Code, and Mechanical Key
  • Uses 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Reversible handle accommodates left or right interior opening doors
  • Infrared sensor automatically turns fingerprint reader "ON"
  • External 9V battery port provides emergency power
  • User can register his/her fingerprint directly on the lock for the door operation
  • Mechanical keys for emergency use

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand ADEL
Part Number ADEL-5600
What's in the box

Frequently Asked Questions and answers

How do I cancel "Passage mode? Scan a valid fingerprint or input the valid code, the door will now lock.

How can I keep the door unlocked? Scan a valid fingerprint so lock allows entry, press the * key within 5 seconds of successful opening and the lock will remain unlocked.This is called "Passage mode"

Why do I hear the motor turn when a fingerprint has been applied but the door does not open? Most likely, the center shaft between the 2 lock parts are not aligned properly.Uninstall the lock, check the center shaft cradle on the enrollment side of the lock to be sure the top and bottom points are properly aligned.They should point at each other.Reinstall the lock and test

How does the lock open when the unit has a dead battery? The emergency over-ride key can be used if available.You may also hold a 9 volt battery in place at the bottom of the lock How do I delete an individual user print? Scan the master print then press "-". Now use the + or - buttons to adjust the first digit of the print number then press # . Use the + or - keys to adjust the second digit for the desired print number, then press # you will see the print number flashing press # to confirm the delete press * to confirm the delete press * to exit Here is an example of deleting user 17: scan master print then press - key.Now use the + key to change the first digit to a 1 then press the # key.Now press the + or - key to see a 7 then press # press # again then *

Can I delete an individual fingerprint? Yes, an individual fingerprint can be deleted , be sure to keep a list of "fingerprint numbers for identification.

Can I use a code and fingerprint combo? No,the lock does not utilize print/code combos

Can I use a code only? Yes, there is only 1 code available for emergency use

How many fingerprints can be enrolled? The Trinity lock will allow for 96 regular users prints, 3 master prints and 1 access code

What's in the Box

(1) Front lock body
(1) Front lever handle
(1) Front lock body gasket
(1) Back lock body
(1) Back lever handle
(1) Back lock body gasket
(1) Back plate
(1) Strike Plate
(1) Strike Box
(1) Spindle
(1) Latch

(2) Allen wrench
(2) Mechanical keys
(1) Phillips-head screwdriver
(1) Hammer
(1) Wood File
(3) Different length Screw Packs for door depth

(2) Cutout guides
(1) Operation Manual


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Authentication Speed <1 second
FAR (False acceptance rate) <0.0001%
FRR (False rejection rate) <1%
Operating Voltage 4 AA alkaline batteries, DC 4.5-6.0v or 9V Stand-by power
Battery life Approx 12 Months
Operating Current =540mA
Storage Temperature Optical glass with PVD coated
Fingerprint Capacity 99
Fingerprint Scanning Twice to get from one fingerprint template
Dynamic Current 100mA ~ 220mA
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