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Biometric Products - Make Your Home or Office More Secure Today‎!

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Shieldlab works hard to make sure that every one of our customer’s feels safe inside of her or his own home or Business and that our customers know how to build a strong shield of protection. Part of our mission is also to help people maintain a constant awareness about security

Biometric security products and various devices are available at impressive prices daily! When security is a priority, it is necessary to go to certain lengths to protect personal and professional assets.

There's nothing more important than protecting your home and family. That's why Shieldlab offers the great quality and Every Day Low Prices you count on Fingerprint recognition technology .

In our Security Category, you'll find door locks to keep unwanted people out, you'll find an array of fingerprint door locks to keep you safe. At Shieldlab, we know that you value your safety and security, so we give you great value on all the keyless door products you need for your home or business. Save money. Live better.

Our sales and Tech Support staff will be happy to provide all of the latest information on the best keyless fingerprint door lock products Your home and office is your most important place. It is where you feel the safest, from an apparently unsafe world. But sometimes that sense of security many only be disturbing if you have a house that can easily be broken into.

Re-enforcing your home or office with additional security should not require complex solutions, especially these days where better and more effective solution are coming on the market.

Here at Shieldlab, we have worked meticulously to provide a range of biometric security products that will give you peace of mind. We stock biometric security products that are affordable and easy to install in minutes.

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