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Author Topic: Networx nx-6v2, New house without the codes  (Read 15631 times)


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Re: Networx nx-6v2, New house without the codes
« Reply #15 on: January 26, 2019, 06:35:52 PM »
Run as fast as you can from the company you called - for $200 they can replace the panel and monitoring is nowhere close to $40/month.

Once you have the 588 and the software you can *try* to access the panel - the remote access code may well not have been changed.

And that answers your question.

Or, you can simply take about $50 out of your pocket and order a new replacement NX6 board (if I were you I'd replace it with an NX8V2).  Program it from there - the 586 or 588 together with the software will make it easier to program, but you can do it manually.
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Re: Networx nx-6v2, New house without the codes
« Reply #16 on: March 10, 2019, 07:41:37 PM »
I know this is an old post, but hopefully George or someone can help me. We have an NX-6 alarm panel that was monitored with the previous owners. (house built in 2000). When we bought the house, we opted to no longer have the system monitored.  We just used it as a local alarm for fire and burglary. Recently, we decided to have it monitored again. The company who originally installed the system wants $1,500 to come out and "check the system out", then $40/month to monitor.  I contacted other companies to have them monitor the system, but they all tell me they can't do anything unless we can get the codes from the original installer, which they refuse to give us. 

I have heard that with a NX-588E interface, and my laptop with the DL900 software, I can reset the panel to factory defaults. I have downloaded the software, and will order the interface if this will work. Can anyone tell me if this will work, and are willing to assist me in making this happen?

With the DL900 software and the NX-588E interface you will be able to connect to your panel and see the codes set by the original installer unless that installer changed the download access code for the panel. That is the problem that I ran into with a system that was installed by the previous owner of my house. I could arm and disarm but couldn't change any codes or settings and trying to connect to the panel with the interface would not work because the download access code was changed by the installer. I contacted George and he was able to help me by connecting remotely to my COM port and resetting the download access code to the default so that I can now connect to the panel and set codes or change settings easily. Thank you again George for all your time and help unlocking my panel


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